7 Tips for Writing Your Musician Bio

Last updated: January 4, 2023
Written by Bradley J Simons

Reading time: 3-4 minutes

Hey team! Bradley here, today's post is going to be a super quick one on everyone's favourite topic, writing a musician bio for yourself.

So, as a musician, your bio is a super important tool for introducing yourself to potential fans, booking agents, and industry professionals. A well-written bio can help you stand out and establish your unique brand and style as an artist.

And a poorly written one can prevent you from getting opportunities you might have otherwise!

So here are a few quick tips that you can easily use to get better results writing your bio:

  • Keep it concise
  • Your bio should be short and sweet, typically no longer than a few paragraphs. This means you'll need to be selective about the information you include.

  • Start strong
  • The first sentence of your bio is crucial, as it will set the tone for the rest of your story. Consider opening with a catchy hook that captures your essence as an artist and immediately draws the reader in.

  • Highlight your acheivements
  • Use your bio to showcase your accomplishments as a musician. This could include any awards you've won, notable performances or tours you've played, and any other professional milestones you've reached.

    Just don't over do it! For example, you don't need to list every gig you've ever played, just the important ones.

  • Use descriptive language
  • Descriptive language can help paint a picture of your sound and style. Avoid using cliches and jargon, and instead focus on crafting unique, vivid descriptions of your music.

  • Keep it current
  • Make sure your bio is up-to-date, including any new releases or accomplishments. You should also consider including links to your website and social media profiles so that readers can easily learn more about you and stay connected.

  • Don't forget to edit!
  • Before you hit "send" or "publish" make sure to proofread your bio for spelling and grammar errors. It's also a good idea to have someone else read it over for clarity and concision.


    We know it's not fun writing your own bio, but it is a crucial task that can help you get gigs, placements, radio spots, media, etc.

    We hope these quick tips help you write better bios and get you more opportunities! Thanks for reading!

    - Bradley

    Juno nominated canadian musician, producer, and founder of Velveteen Music, Bradley J Simons

    Bradley J Simons

    Bradley is a Canadian musician, producer, and is the founder of Velveteen Music. His work has been nominated for 3 Juno Awards, and he has toured Canada and the US as a session guitarist. In addition to making music, Bradley also develops software for Velveteen. Logo

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